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About Us

What is a Credit Union?

A Credit Union is a group of people who agree to save their money together and to make loans to each other at low interest. A Credit Union is organized by members of a group having a common bond. The Northampton Area School District Employees Federal Credit Union is comprised of public school employees, this being the common bond. The Northampton Area School District Employees Federal Credit Union began in 1939.

Who may join our Credit Union?

Any individual who is employed by the Northampton Area School District or ARA Northampton. Members of the employee’s immediate family living in the same household are also included in the field of membership.

How do I open an account?

Secure a membership card from the Credit Union office or from the Credit Union representative in your building. Complete the membership card and submit it with a minimum of $5.00. This will be a $5.00 deposit into your account. $5.00 equals one full share and is the required minimum balance to keep your account open. The USA Patriot Act of 2001 requires all banking organizations to verify the identification of all new members and keep copies of the verification documents. Deposits can be made directly by sending it to the credit union or through payroll deduction. Call us for a payroll deduction form.

How do I request a loan?

Obtain and complete a loan application. The Credit Union staff will gladly assist and advise you in completing the application. The loan application must then be approved by the Credit Committee. Loan applications are available in the buildings from the building Credit Union representative.

Loan rates and benefits

Loan rates are set by the Board of Directors and adjusted so that they will be fair to the borrowers, be competitive, and still enable us to pay an equitable dividend. Please ask or see flyer for current rates. Loans can be paid by using the payroll deduction program which utilizes biweekly payments. Direct Deposit and Direct Payment are also available through ACH. Call for details.

What kinds of loans are available?

  • Signature loans – Amounts up to $7500.00 can be borrowed on the basis of a customer’s signature after approval by the Credit Committee.

  • Auto loans – Auto loans are written for both new and used vehicles. We offer loan terms ranging from 36 months to 72 months.

  • Share Secured loans – These loans are just as they are named. You can borrow using the money in your share account as collateral. This allows immediate approval and writing of your loan and means no credit report or debt ratio work is done. It also freezes your share account balance in the amount to equal the balance of your loan.

  • Home Equity Loans – We offer 5 and 10 year loans with low rates and fees.

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages - We offer 10, 15, and 20 year mortgages with low rates. Take advantage of minimal closing costs.

How do I contact the Credit Union?

The Credit Union office is located in the District’s Administration Building. The office is staffed Monday - Friday 9am to 2pm, (Summer Hours M-Th 9am - 2pm) and we have voice mail to take messages at any time. Our email address is staff@nasdecu.com or for employees – Credit Union in the Global Address Book. This allows you to request withdrawals, ask questions, do any kind of business you need by phone or email. Do not send any personal data by email as it is not secure. In addition to contacting the office by phone or email, each building has a Credit Union representative. These people have applications, information, forms etc. They do not however have access to your personal account information. They can pass a request on to the office staff but cannot process anything for you.

What is the difference between the Credit Union and other Financial Institutions?

The Northampton Area School District Employees Federal Credit Union is organized to serve its members. The Credit Union is democratic. The membership elects its officers and committeemen and sets the policies under which the Credit Union operates. There is no profit. The Credit Union has no Capital Stock, no absentee owners. The members have the only claim on the assets. Money left over after expenses can only be used for the good of the members. Your Credit Union tells the truth about the cost of credit. You pay true interest on your current unpaid loan balance. There are no add-ons, no discounting, no fancy terms you don’t understand. When borrowing money at Northampton Area School District Employees Federal Credit Union, you pay no extra charges, just interest. Northampton Area School District Employees Federal Credit Union stands as a separate entity. We are not merged with any other institution and because our membership base is from district employees you will always get friendly, personalized service from people you know and who know you.

Are Credit Unions insured?

Members share accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.